Saturday, February 23, 2008

Of a mind and a slate,

Since deviation from established protocol does not necessarily always count as cool, I thought its time I get back to being a traditionalist.
American Gangster
Finding Nemo
A Good Year
No Country For Old Men
The Great Debaters
Hanuman Returns
Charlie Wilson's War
Across The Universe
Live Free Or Die Hard
Reign Over Me

Its been a ridiculously long pause, I agree.
People should stop taking themselves seriously, don't you think?!
But that would probably rob the audience of all the fun.
Was it a slate pencil or a chalk, I don't care.
Right now, I could use a wet sponge.


Sharad Ragas said...

The list pleased me immensely (personally). Primarily coz I realized that I have seen only six of those, and have not even heard of a couple. My long distant illusion of swimming out of the trenched waters of film-obsession apparently seems a reality now.

People should stop taking themselves seriously - I was telling this to people all along. Good that you ve realized it too. Spread the word around. =)

I said...

"..seems a reality now. "
Good luck, for the road ahead.

"Spread the word around."
I have taken the first step towards that, haven't I? =)