Monday, February 18, 2008

Of a slab of cheese and a hot knife,

Our protagonists make the journey and quite remarkably at that, from self-pity to indignation to accusation... mouthing tanhaayi, judaayi and bewafaayi.
Looks like we revel in romanticizing pain, considering the number of love songs that bear testimony to this and their bona fide classic status. The Ghazals even more so.

Do we stop at 'pathar ka dil' and 'bewafaa', smoothly playing the victims?
Not All.
Coz emotion is not just pain or indignation... it is also bitterness.
It is also the animal angst to return the favour.

Here's one that paints the emotion like a charm...

jaise birha ki... ruth main ne kaati,
tadap ke... aahain bhar bhar kein.
jale mann tera bhi.... kisi ke milan ko,
anamika... tu bhi tarse.

meri bheegi bheegi si palko mein rehgaye,
jaise mere sapne bhikarke...
jale mann tera bhi.... kisi ke milan ko,
anamika... tu bhi tarse.

Singer:Kishore kumar
Music:RD Burman
Lyrics:Majrooh Sultanpuri

Sanjeev and Kishore, both Kumars are unsparing and make sure the words cut through like hot knife slices off a cheese slab.

Folks out there, who have turned their heads by 30 degrees to the left and narrowed their eyes already...
No. I happen to appreciate good lyrics. Thats it. Not a penny less, not a penny more.


sharad ragas said...

This was one of my favorite songs when I was young(er).. which is quite interesting coz I obviously did not totally comprehend what they were talking about, but found the words interestingly written, and expressing allegedly more 'serious' trysts in life. (That, and the name 'Anamika'. I did not know of a single person named so and thought it was the coolest name to be ignored by the parents.) Which brings us to the old question, do you have to really perceive something to its soul to like it, or may be jus settle for a fashionable love affair. Hm?

i said...

"This was one of my ..."
not any longer?
Anwaz... so,'why like'?
Case1:perceive something to its soul (in your words)
Case2:not the above case
Case1 is self explanatory.
Case2.. may be its the zing of intrigue/getting-it-but-not-quite factor that gets one to 'liking' it. With one potential side effect though, disenchantment (at a later stage).
What is 'like', anyway?
Positive reaction to something?
People consider 'intrigue' and 'mystery' as positive, I guess.

In defense of the length(of comment)...
I am jobless and been watching medical soap operas.

Sharad Ragas said...

The point was not 'why like', but 'what-like?' or 'what-in-that-like'.. or you know.. wateva!! =p

@is/was favorite song: I try not to listen to 'sad' songs nowadays. Helps the therapy.

That, was a joke, FYI.

I said...
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ADR said...

"not to listen to..."
thats brings us to another question, if one refrains from a thing long enough, does one end up liking it less?
ah well... as you said..wateva!!

"was a joke, FYI."
I appreciate the clarification. :P