Wednesday, September 19, 2007


She suddenly came back, struggling to remember what had triggered the train of thought. There it was, sitting in her lap, held a little too securely by her hands... an article in the weekly supplement of a national newspaper. Probably written by a eager college student. She smiled thinking of her own spirited articles in similar publications. She did not preserve the cuttings as memoirs because she took someone who said "one should avoid being infatuated with their own work" too seriously.

Her eyes focused back on the word.


Sharad Ragas said...

One should avoid being infatuated with their own work


But one does not need to berate it everytime, also.. =)

So, you are a public writer.. one did not know this.. do share some of these writing, should be interesting reading.

I said...

Public writer..?!! Ahh well...
if a couple of pieces in a school magazine... a couple in a weekly supplement's column dedicated to college students... makes one.. then may be.
I however do not consider myself one... Not yet...

And this particular post is personal at a certain level..but is technically fiction..
Did not intend it to sound anyother way either.

IC said...

hmm...nt tat m rite/right al d a potential writer ji shdnt b saying 'a eager student' whr it shd be...u-knw-wat!!
n ya...mediocrity!!uh-oh!!