Sunday, April 22, 2007

This is how...

-The prestige
It has one thing,PLOT!

-The Illusionist
This was fun too.

-The Departed
The last 40 minutes.

-Little Miss Sunshine
I get it.

-Devil wears Prada
Meryl Streep, every bit the Heroine she is made out to be.

-The Holiday
Kate Winslet and Jack Black, yes.

-The Pursuit of Happyness
Will Smith, in what could be called the penultimate scene....superb.

-Music & Lyrics
Hugh Grant is getting wrinkles and I don't like it.

-Happy Feet
Me and my friends, typically,went Oh! Soooo cute.

Dancer in the Dark
Thanks to Rajeev Masand.

Caters to a part of me that doesnt mind sitting through a few boring minutes, curious to discover what its all about,in this case an interesting award winning Irani movie.

-The Namesake
Could not identify with.

"But it IS personal"-Nandita Das.

-Blood Diamond
Iam beginning to like DiCaprio.

Now coming to why I wrote this post.,
"This is how the world fucks Africa, Mr.Quyale"-Constant Gardener.


Sharad Ragas said...

Some very good movies there..

There was one I saw yesterday, Children of Heaven.. very likeable.

I said...

Yup! it is. The little girl was adorable.I think Zee Studio aired it recently. It was a part of the series of movies being aired, of which Gabeh was one.