Thursday, April 05, 2007

Of three's...

that scare me...

1)Losing my eye sight.
Even partially so.
My biggest nightmare is the thought of having to wear sight-corrective specs.
2)Situation where I'l have to 'talk to save my neck'.
I wont even eloborate on that one.
3)Of becoming 'just another one'.

that I love...

I started with Sherlock Holmes at school, but it is to 'Harry Potter', that I give credit for the initiation.
Choreographing one and performing it on stage, gives me a high that very few other things do.
My style is 'semi-classical'.
3)Good movies.
For me, its about the stories they tell.
Different flavours...different styles...

three more...

1)Space & time travel.
'A Brief History of Time' , 'Black Holes & Baby Universes' are exactly
my-kind of-things.
I am NOT a 'social animal'.
3)My friends.

that I hate...

1)Waking up early...
Loathe is the word.
I am a 'nocturnal' being and am happy being one.
2)'Not knowing'...
You know, the milk-product.

that I don't understand...

1)Quantam Physics.
I really wish I could understand it better.
I am working on it...
3)Parents and their fixation to marry off their daughters early.

things on my desk...

1)Final year project report.
2)A bottle of water.
3)My mobile.

things I am doing right now...

1)Typing this line..ha (cheesy, I know)
2)Planning a shopping trip that I have been postponing since two days.
The fish bowl that housed my fishes (Hank & frisco) shattered.
Meanwhile they are playing around in a bucket.
3)Wondering why Penn State rejected me.

I want to do before I die...

Write well.
Maybe a book or column.....
2)Give a 'dhasoo' dance performance that will blow everybody's mind away.
Choreograph it myself, ofcourse.
Have done it before...but want to do better.
3)Go see Europe and a certain place near US of America called 'Little Palm Island'.

I can do...

For as long as humanly possible and more.
2)Use my brains.
3)Work all night without batting an eyelid.

I want to learn..

1)If there is ET life.
2)To talk a little more.
And talk sense.

Favourite food...

1)Chocolate ice cream.
2)Sweets.... esp.. Ajmeri Kalakand.
3)Good old 'roti with anda burji' at the highway dhabas.

regular beverages...


Shows I watched as a kid...

1)Non stop nonsense & Charlie Chaplin
2)Bomkesh Bakshi & Tehkikaat
3)Tom and Jerry & Duck tales
all of them aired on dear old DD

Books I read as a kid....

1)The Hound of Baskerville... by Arthur Canon Doyle
amazing stuff...blew my mind away then.
It was prescribed as a Non-Detail for our English class. I finished it in one night and ran to the library next day to borrow the complete set of Sherlock Holmes stories. It was the first ever book I borrowed from the library.

2)World book no.11 & 12 (I think.. or was it 13?)
We had library hours every week... and given a choice I always picked up these from the book series. These two were all about space, universe, stars, galaxies, black holes...and all.

3)Three little pigs.
When I was really..very..sooo...young.
We were in LKG & UKG and we had these library hours... we lined up and with folded hands and finger on the lips , went into the library and sat in neat rows.. then 'Miss' used to read to us, these wonderful stories.
We sat there with chins secured in our palms and listened in awe and wonder.
Sometimes 'Miss' gave each one of us a book... full of bright pictures of beautiful fairies and little, cute pink pigs.
I remember thinking when I saw a real pig outside( the black ones)..'hey! but this is not how pigs look..'!
It was fun....and it always brings back a smile.



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Am still trying to figure out where Little Palm Island is.. =p

Interesting list.

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