Thursday, April 12, 2007

My day was good , let night fall...

It is the great equalizer, they say.
The reason, Paulo Coelho says, to 'show some respect to the time you have on this earth'.
All follies and the consequences, trivial...convenient(?!)
Each action, counts
...too hard(?!)
Every moment, precious... so romantic(?!)

The knowledge of certain death.
Can we really come to terms with it...
And say...'My day was good, let night fall'

P.S:The title is inspired from a poem 'Consoada' by a Brazilian poet, Manuel Bandeira.


IC said...

well..its all about the degree of content..fortunate are those who cn really say tat!!

IC said...
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Sharad Ragas said...

It is a beautiful line. I 'd wanna say that out loud some day.

I said...

* nods