Monday, December 11, 2006

this and that

I think, Tom Hanks will be remembered for the movies he has starred in and Johnny Depp for the characters he has played.
I adore this guy called Rehman... he is simply too good, I reiterate.
I found out what a gentle, funny and witty guy, Courtney Walsh is.(an NDTV show)
I used watch in disbelief when Courtney and Curtley used to bowl from both ends..
I was just then starting to watch cricket..and these two looked unreal to me.
I can watch anything that is remotely related to space.
I used to hate to leave a book unfinished... how much ever boring it might be.
I now wonder, why I took all the trouble..
I seemed to have lost all (if any) sense of grammar and language that I might have possessed..
I am reading a Salman Rushdie currently...
I am watching many of my friends recover and become their own previous selves... you see, half the female population is sick on hearing the news(or is it rumour?)of Abhishek and Ash's wedding.
I believe that dance is divine..
I dont want Angelina Jolie to play Dagny.
I think coalition-governments should be banned.
I dont, however think that it is possible to do so... there are enough signs that this trend shall continue....absolute majority it seems, is a thing of past..
I put a single song on toggle repeat and have been listening to it since the past 50 minutes..
I don't sometimes listen to the song that my winamp is playing..
I don't however turn it off.
I really dont know how to react to the news that SRK will from now on, host KBC.
I sometimes wonder where Saif would be now,had there been no Dil Chahta Hai.
I seem to like people with Hugh as their first names..a coincidence ofcourse....
I will see Magnolia now....



Sharad Ragas said...

SRK will host KBC?!

I said...

yeah he will... He is apparently charging 50-70 lacs per episode.

I said...

Now that(how much he makes) was completely unwarranted... wasnt it?