Sunday, December 03, 2006

all day..

lazing around...
Sometimes I wonder, if I am better- off with classes and a college to attend.
Catching up with movies I missed out, in the last few decades.

Few of them.....
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Requiem for a Dream
Silence of the Lambs
Shawshank Redemption(again)
Brokeback Mountain(again)
Sky High
Match Point
Edward Scissorhands
Beautiful Mind(again*n)
Shattered Glass
Bourne 'series'
United 93
Head over Heels
You've Got Mail(again)
Forrest Gump(again)
Eight Below
Sindbad-the legend of seven seas
Pirates of the Carribean(again)
Findind Neverland(again)
Constant Gardener
Flight of the Pheonix
Monsters Inc

I said: yawn, Oh ok, hmm I dont know, Hey that was nice, WOW ! dont I just love it.


Sharad Ragas said...

Man, that's a lotta movies :p

I was doing the count along.. I must ve seen just 20 or something outta them.. may be.

I could suggest a few other ways of spending one's time. Don't do the marathons.. not good for one's eyes.. I could tell you that :)

What is with unsolicted advices and me now.. sheesh!!

I said...

Actually I havent been able to lay my hands on some good book, for a while now...

Suggestions welcome...

Sharad Ragas said...

I could suggest may be a few graphic novels, but I know its hard to find them around, in India.. hmm, did you try Upamanyu Chaterjee's English, August (I never finished that book.. so don't hold me on it :p)? I am hardly the person to recommend any books.

Else, err.. do you know of a certain Sunday club in Hyderabad, by the name "Helix".. :p

i said...

Ofcourse! I mean, I have heard and know about Helix..
Actually I had contemplated joining it along with a friend of mine... but anyways, it didnot materialize..
Infact it is Mr.Varun's book reviews, that are famous, isnt it?(so I have heard).

And... when I said suggestions welcome, I wasn't particularly referring to books.... it was more of a response to your...

I could suggest a few other ways of spending one's time.

Sharad Ragas said...

Oh yes. You ve heard right.

Anyway, you could always go driving outta the city in the evenings, learn to play some instrument (if you don't already) or my personal favorite, go climbing (wall/bouldering). I remember Hyderabad had a few joints, where one could go wall climbing (advanced levels, am not sure). It's a high you can't turn away from, you'd do it week after week.

Am sure you could do tons of stuff there, am not aware of.. leave the books/movies for the insecure 30's :p