Friday, December 15, 2006


One of those 24hr news channels aired a little story about a woman the other day.
She is somewhere between 70-80 years old(I dont remember exactly).
She lives in a small village in Andhra Pradesh. Her husband, the only bread-earner in the family, died early leaving her to fend for her only child and run the house.
She braved all, raised her kid and gotten him married.
What she and the family was left with, was a single acre of land.He sold it all.
One fine day... he tells her that she is no mother of his and proclaims to not acknowledge their realtionship and asks her to get out of the house.
She asks him, 'but what will I do and where will I go son, look at my age".
He suggests that she could always pick up a stick, a bowl and go begging.
She did start begging... doing the rounds of her very own village and surviving on what she managed to find.
He comes to her one day and tells her that he cannot bear the shame of his mother begging in the same village as he resides.
He asks(?) her to leave the village and go away.

hmm... now this wasn't the first time I've heard of such a thing. Infact I have witnessed such things from very close quarters. So, in a way my reaction has, over the years... diluted(?).
I know it takes every kind, to make this world the place it is.
I just think....
how does he sleep at night?

p.s:did I mention that he is alcoholic.... that helps I guess.