Wednesday, April 28, 2010

what took you so long?

Yep, apparently thats what Indian diplomat-turned-spy Madhuri said when she was nabbed - what took you so long? Surely a line fit for a Hollywood action thriller.
Voting - Cross voting - Miffed partners - Threats of breakup - Concession offers - Scurrying back to makeup.
This story has it all, the high drama of Indian politics.
currently watching / recently watched
- On the Waterfront (*ng Marlon Brando)
- Star Wars
- Darling
- Q.I (BBC)
- Stephen Fry in America
- House MD
- The Big Bang Theory
- Johnathon Ross and Craig Ferguson shows

currently reading
- India in Slow Motion, by Mark Tully
- Dialogues of Plato, translated by Benjamin Jowett
- Moab is my Washpot, by Stephen fry
I never gave audio books much thought. I always had too much fun reading and was never particularly taken in by the idea of listening to somebody read out an entire book. Also, I read fast and figured audio books would be too slow for my taste.
I tried it once with my favorite book and I couldn't connect to the voice. I gave it up thinking it's not for me.

But like it happens ever-so-often in life... I discovered I was wrong. And am I glad or what! I am hopelessly hooked to the Moab is my Washpot audio-book. I do think it has a great deal to do with the fact that an autobiography by definition would read best in it's author voice.

I am sold!

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