Sunday, March 14, 2010

shut shop

I can get a book for a discounted price if I shop online.
I will have to shell out more if I go physically to the same store to buy it.
Do they hate having customers walking around their store? Or are they incentivizing online purchase so they can shut shop and eventually be online-only?
OK, I have a thing for personally going to a store and picking up a book. Why should I be penalized for that?
Makes no sense to me.
Alice in the Wonderland is here. Burton + Depp -> Now that's a combination.
Rubbing hands in gleeful anticipation.
A Brief Encounter
It's a Wonderful Life
To Kill a Mocking Bird (again)

Dork - Sidin Vayukut
Notes From a Small Island - Bill Bryson
The Last Mughal - William Dalrymple
The Argumentative Indian - Amartya Sen
Dreams From My Father - Barack Obama

Jack: I expected you to figure that out.
Jill: I did. But I had to ask.
Jack smiles sadly at her, knowing the words before she spoke them.
Jill: Couldn't leave any stone unturned before giving up. Can't sleep otherwise.


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Chaitanya said...

@Shut shop: I havent been able to digest the concept of e-books yet. And I so hate not being able to go around and flip thru each book,sometimes just admire the coverpage and leave it there...
@Jill: Does the knowledge let u sleep now?

i said...

I wasn't referring to e-books. But buying hardcopies online vs buying them in person.

"Does the knowledge let u sleep now?" I asked Jill the question for you.
She says:

"You try to find answer to a question that's bugging you. That the answer could throw up another problem, is a different matter altogether. You atleast don't lose sleep over the same question. Moved on to a new question. I would call it progess ;P "