Monday, February 15, 2010

far and few

Sometimes it's almost like a bet on who can get more morose.
Funny thing this - blogging.
And somedays you wake up like a feather.
Taut and tight, the head neither heavy nor too light.
Like I said once before, the spring in your step matches the smile on your lips.

Guess it helps that the previous night was well spent... around a campfire and under a star studded sky... far far away from the city lights, bang in the middle of a jungle.
I'd say a good followup would be a lazy late morning stroll in the jeep beaten jungle tracks, after a cup of coffee. Not to forget - the coffee has to come from the surrounding plantation - to complete the effect.

FYI - the place is Coorg.
A big BIG recommendation - am ol' brit series called Yes Minister!
This is why my friend says he likes the Manmohan Singh's govt.


ravptor said...

With a bit of envy on having you such a good night and in the Yes Minster spirit while having a thought of doing the same here - "The idea is good but the time is not ripe..." ;)

i said...

here's hoping the 'opportune moment' strikes soon.
and the place is Coorg, Karnataka.

Anonymous said...

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