Wednesday, May 13, 2009

one more down the list...

'Get a Guiness World Record' must surely be a part of every random things-to-do-before-you-die lists, I say. And on last Sunday, I went ahead and got one.
So what if I was one of the 160000 people who made the record, I have it in my name alright!
If there were professional singers and students of music, there were also coarse tones, wrong pitches and those fumbling to strike the right tune. What was endearing though, was how all of it blended seamlessly resulting in a goose-bumps inducing experience.

What we sang were some of most popular keerthanas of Annamacharya.
1. Bhaavamulona, Bahyamunandunu
2. Brahma Kadigina Padamu
3. Entamatramuna Evvaru
4. Podugantimayya
5. Kondalalo Nelakonna Koneti Rayudu
6. Narayanathe Namo
7. Muddugare yashoda
The final phase of General Elections - 2009 concludes today.
Counting starts on May 16 and the exit-poll buzz from tonight.
Most predict a hung verdict, so 16th ain't gonna throw any sure victors. It will all come down to what is being called the sixth phase of this election, the frantic post-poll horse trading.
But that is far off, what beckon me now to the idiot box are those lit studios and analysts clad in fancy suits somehow trying to make sense out of the mess that Indian politics is.


Leena said...

Wow! Congratulations for being a part of something that phenomenal! I read abt this a few days back.. must feel great, isn't it. :)

i said...

The experience was something, yes!

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