Monday, May 04, 2009


Its only right that the I document the last leg of this journey from a net center in the station, waiting to catch my train that will take me back home.

2 days.
Of - No Television. No Laptop. No internet. No work. No traffic snarls. (almost) No mobile.
Of - Really long walks in the night. Old-school type picnics. Roads lined with scary ancient trees. Bike rides at 2 AM. Plain lazying around. Sitting bang in the middle of a road. Lying down under welcoming trees. Chasing dogs away. Snail-paced time. Pure air. Awesome climate. Old memories. New experiences. Uncertain future and an ambivalent past.

Reason# 9 - why you should go traveling.
Coz you get to meet some pretty amazing people while you are at it.
I have in fact just now said my farewell to one such lady.


Sharad Ragas said...

Very cool!

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Chaitanya said...

Stealing words from my keyboard!!

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