Thursday, February 19, 2009

Isn’t all art so?

Rajeev Masand in his ‘Seven Pounds’ movie review says… “If you like to be emotionally manipulated, this is just the film for you.”
But then I wonder… isn’t all art emotional manipulation at some or the other level?
Nandan Nilekani’s blog.
Dawn has a fascinating piece on the peace agreement reached between Pakistan government and Taliban in Swat valley and Maulana Sufi Muhammad’s role in it.
The Opinionator points to reactions from all around on the issue.
-And I feel ancient. Huh!
-Saw The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.
-Not sure if I'l grow up to be a kid one day, but I sure as hell, was born old.
Coffee mug in a hand. Calvin n Hobbes in another.
Ah! The simple pleasures of life.
A whimsical thought was a visitor recently -
has this blog run its course and should I be shutting it down!


IC said...

Guess wat...this time again..i thot i ll buy you a huge volume of Calvin series for ur bday. It was a pleasure to eyes to see that big bound series in a scarlet box!! Err...month end is history!! But sometime, I will get u those huge ones which u jst cant hold in one hand wid coffee in another!! You ll HAV to show some respect!! :)

Sharad Ragas said...

Belated birthday wishes.

i said...

@IC.. :D
@SR.. A month belated, but thank you. :)

ravptor said...

Happy b'day! belated.

Ur 23?!?! Sigh! Old.

i said...

lol...I am so aware of it. :P

Leena said...

Belated Happy B'day!

I was too bored to sleep, didn't quite need any manipulation there, for Seven Pounds.. :p

i said...

thanks :)