Thursday, January 22, 2009

Reason#17 - Why you should go travelling

So you can capture these - sights, scenes and the signs.
Marooned on a windy island, for too long.
Time locked in a freezing sunset, for an eternity.
Cutting through every breath, the unforgiving air.

The warm sun on my cheek today, a queer stranger.
Fluttered and unsettled, can I contain it My love?

-Jill finished it with "The joy and the shock".
We console ourselves in curious ways.
With time, we whisper in our ears, it will be OK.
Do we have a backup option left though,
when the hour-glass unmasks a pitiless face?
AR Rehman won the Golden Globe.
I hope he'd bag the Oscar too.

Am I the only one who pleasantly marvels at how similar Sachin and Rehman are?!
For a hero hungry nation, what better role models can one ask for?
They are both ofcourse, amongst other things, short, shy, soft-spoken and come with a 'cute till 80' warranty.
Obama's inaguration ceremony speech - I agree with the general verdict out there.
There was punch and spunk, oh yeah. But in his delivery and not the words.


Sharad Ragas said...

Good job @ the pictures. Quite lovely.

The risky thing with a title like that, is that 17 is so small a number.. that the readers can inquire of the preceding 16 reasons.. so, well.. could you tell us the first 16 reasons? =p

Leena said...

I can't help but add Aamir too.. my 3 heroes. =p

Yes, really nice pics. I loved the "footprints in sand" one.

Sharad Ragas said...

Leenaaaaaa! NOOOOOOOO!


Leena said...

Why nooot! Sorry, kyun nahii! =p