Wednesday, January 23, 2008

oh no no...

Something that must have found its root in sheer necessity, has evolved into an art form unto itself.
Gestures, expressions, figures, sounds...
Words, meanings,language...
Structured speech sure must have sailed a long way before it became matter of fact.....
All along picking up some character, color and varied flavors.

While we humans have evolved ourselves by respecting opinions, acknowledging perceptions and enjoying arguments.
We have somewhere down the line, lost some words to interpretations.
So much so that, today simply stating a word and meaning it to convey the whole of what you mean is not really feasible.
Quite simply because.. through all these years.. words have been both used and abused.
They have taken on the color of popular interpretations which sometimes can be simplistic and sometimes not.
And one is forced to explain it with a disclaimer, stating which interpretation you really endorse or what assumptions you have made.
Have we, in effect, lost the whole point of having a 'word which explains something', in the first place?

Man has enriched the art of communication with highly evolved forms of 'getting a point across'.
Since it has been a process that we have adapted ourselves to and not a code-book to be followed, it works magnificently for us. For, we know its tremendous potential for expression and at the same time, its failures.

But what about them?

What about those friends of ours who shall plunge headlong, into a civilization that has taken millenia to reach where it has? One, which is still in the process of discovering itself and still looks back with certain wonder and awe.

What sense will they make of us?

All the interpretations we have seen of ET movies/books, at the end of the day..are holding a mirror to ourselves.
Even the most open minded of us and those who managed to stretch the limits of their imagination...I doubt, could ever break out of the glass box that we are caged in.
We expect them to be like us. We assume that we shall definitely have some common ground to build on.
Scientists all over believe that certain basic principles of maths and physics will have to remain common.
(that's for another day and another post....)
Forget the sciences... what if it is beyond their capacity to understand the complex structure of our communication?
Notwithstanding advanced science and technology... its quite possible that they might not even understand a simple thing like a 'lie'.
What if they just cannot fathom one's capacity to lie?
What if they cannot appreciate an advanced form of communication like..satire or humor?
What if they don't understand frivolity?

What if they just don't get it?
What if they just don't get US?
What if the sensory abilities they have developed are so different from us.. that we could not even know, if they got it or not?

oh no no....

P.S: I do not claim any originality of thought/ideas. This has been heavily influenced by stuff I read, sites I follow and discussions I have. The post only aims to be a good read.

This one means business...

Under 10.. taken seriously...

All set...


Leena said...

"respecting opinions, acknowledging perceptions " - we've got a lot more to evolve there. "enjoying arguments" - yeah!

We are arrogant enough to presume that they will communicate like the way we(?) do..

I read in a certain sci-fi book that there can be only 2 things that are universal..Math and Music.
Hope they get their numbers and notes right! :p

adr said...

"we've got a lot more to evolve there".. sadly enough, that rings like truth.

"Hope they get their numbers and notes right! :p"
Yeah... ET life with no capacity for music..would be no fun at all.. :)

Sharad Ragas said...

It would be wonderful to live a life when everyone understands everything and everyone. Let us try.

Or may be not.

Leena said...

The answer to The Ultimate Question Of Life, the Universe, and Everything is Forty-two.

Sorry, had to write this! For the sake of frivolity. =p
ref: Hitchhiker's guide

adr said...

"Or may be not".

If my Jack and Jill could tell an Orange apart from Apple, I suspect it could get exceedingly boring..

The movie, by the way, took 'holding mirror to ourselves' to a totally another level...
we even had bureaucracy-maniac aliens for Godsake....

ADR said...

How many Vogons does it take to change a lightbulb?

Couldn't resist either. :D