Thursday, January 10, 2008

and then...

"I will not talk to you from tomorrow"
"They say its not right"
A sad Jack looked on, as Jill walked away.

Have I mentioned it earlier?
Mountain is beautiful cinema.


"It seems like a real car. The windows acutally wind down."


Sharad Ragas said...

That is all what we needed in Hyderabad.. more cars!!

God help us.

i said...

The other side of the coin...
it'l put a four-wheeler commute, within reach to lots of families.
Moving away from the metro's and first tier cities/towns, if we look at the 2-3 tier towns... this IS a big deal... It's cold practicality.

Though I do agree that the infrastructure and the environmental concerns deserve a separate debate for themselves.

Sharad Ragas said...


I really hope that car is an engineering miracle. And Mr.Mungerilal in Srirampur, who dreams of going to work everyday in his new diesel car does not have to sell his tractor to pay for the fuel bills. 'Practicality' is a funny thing, I heard. (Especially on everything called 'nano' or so..)

P.S. A separate debate (!!?), I thought a vehicle would be at the core of such debate, er.. no? =p

I said...

I really hope that Mr.Mungerilal will have more sense than what you seem to credit him with.

When I said seperate, I didnot intend to take the car out of the debate. (I said that because this particular post of mine has brazenly chosen to see one side of the coin, the happy happy one) I said that to acknowledge that those topics deserve a debate. (I should learn to write more clearly :|)
'vehicle at the center'? Environment... where are the emission standards? Tata claim it meets the existing ones. If people think its not enough... who should raise the standards?
Infrastructure... and I hear a buzz in my ear that distinctly sounds like 'government'
Make no mistake... I am not trying to take the debate away from the car. Merely stating that.. its not as easy as white & black. It never is.

I said...

No offence meant, by the way ( in my above comment).

I also shall admit that, when I talked about 2-3 tier town families moving to a four-wheeler.... I wasn't talking about farmers who cannot afford the fuel, but rather a family like my own...
A middle class family of four, for which commuting becomes a problem on a Bajaj chetak, when the two kids have grown beyond an age...
Who eventually move up to Maruthi 800. But a nano would have made the transition easier.
And I doubt that such a family would base their decision on a whim rather than their monthly budget.

Sharad Ragas said...