Wednesday, November 21, 2007

things big and small...

The key to the ultimate question lies in things, big and small...
Origin... to understand it, Hawking says... we gotta understand the very big and the very small
Things of astronomical proportions and the the sub-atomic
Inverse and as different as they could be... but intimately interwoven

Even when scaled down to the mundane and taken out of context, the relevance seems intact

Grant me the illusion, at least ….
For, it would balm my wounds a little
For, I have no right to claim the thing itself
and I realize it... maybe only too well

this cry for alms will disgust me later
Will laugh about it in the morning
but how shall this evening pass...

You know the most difficult thing in the world is, to make me dislike something which even remotely has anything to do with space.
And yeah they have succeeded!!
Sunshine.... its so bad that its a shame.


Maybe he plays because part of him is just a boy who finds himself when bat meets ball.


tum ko bhi, hai pata... mujh ko bhi, hai khabar...
ho raha... hai juda, dono ka... raastha



Sharad Ragas said...

You made my day. =)

i said... is a beautiful line isn't it!! Of course its the subject we are more interested in. :D

IC said...

"Grant me the illusion,ATLEAST!!"
u strtd my day!!hehe!!

IC said...

one more thng..jst cant afford to miss mentioning!!

Anonymous said...

hey "grant me the illusion!!!"

I said...

Hey vas, sign off... the next you comment. k.