Monday, November 26, 2007

smoked ears...

I do not know the background nor the full fact profile and the why-what of the protests.
Both parties involved might have their own justifications for what happened.
But I address only one small thing.
Yes,I am taking it out of context and being generic here.

Say... you are overcome with animal angst to cause the other person harm. And you have convinced yourself with whatever justification and decided to go ahead and give in to the primal urge. And when it is a woman on the receiving end...why is it always the same story?
Had it been a man, you would have beat him up to death. Not that you would spare the rod, for a woman... you would beat her up, too... but only after stripping and molesting her!!!

Its the same script!! Each time, every where.

On a different yet related note:

"They carry the burden of your 'honor' but you wouldn't dare give them their rights."

A gentle suggestion...
If you are not exactly looking for cringe-worthy and rather unpleasant posts, you'd better make a judicious choice about which blogs to read.

Update: It doesn't take much... or may be it does. anyways.