Saturday, October 20, 2007

I laugh a lot....

Desensitization has become a fact of life... It always was and will continue to be. Or we wouldn't survive. Maybe..coz I could think of no other explaination.
Its a classic drawing room line, actually.
Whats there in the news....the same crap every morning!!!!
... another murder here... few killed there.. mob-violence somewhere else.. corruption everywhere, primitive ways of enforcing self-professed ideas of justice... blatant disregard for others rights... moral and cultural policing...

I guess one doesn't really reflect or realise .. the kind or extent of desensitization that has taken place. Not hits home. Hardly a kilometer away... and you watch it in the bulletin just like any other. The names and numbers scrolling down on the screen give you the chills, coz you know it could have been you or your dear ones. And here comes the worst part. You are used to it. You hear it daily...don't you? Nothing new... it was some other city yesterday.. today its yours and tomorrow it'll be somebody else's...
That's when the disgusting realisation dawns....

We have become OK about it.. we accept it as a part of our lives. We talk furiously about it that evening... and the next morning... we are back to normal.
All kinds of crap happens in this country.... but yeh sab tho..'hota hai yaar'..right!!!?

The same rehearsed lines spoken each time.... 'we strongly condemn this act' 'whoever is responsible for this... will be punished' 'we will make sure justice is delivered' 'I request people to maintain calm' ' We announce an ex-Gratia of 2 lacks each to every deceased one's family' 'A job for each bread-earner lost' 'An enquiry ready within 2 weeks'....

And before you know it... its time for the same speech again..
Just a different place... different excuse for the act.

Do I have a solution? No. And here I am not setting out to find one.

This particular post operates on a much narrower context.
It just that.. it doesn't feel right!
I think that...
human life...even a single one.. surely deserves more respect than what it gets today.

(Oh the way..I know all the phrases... so don't bother.
It happens everywhere..all the time... part of life...what can one do... there is only so much one can do... forces beyond our control... the world doesn't operate on doesn't recognise words like 'fair' 'justice' 'reason'...!!!!)

I laugh a lot...
and smile a lot less...I guess.
(completely unrelated to the post, though!! Just a whim!)


IC said...

laughng a lot!!credit goes to... dan-zoo-zoo!!rotfl!!

Sharad Ragas said...

Desensitization has become a fact of life.


The funny thing is that any reader who comes from the country that we do, one who had been bred on such pathos laden stories.. would not find this revelling. Sure, we could sit with a half sipped coffee cup and a blinking monitor and click on the next tab as people are massacred, as cities are roared at by contemptous floods and towns fed to the earth with crackling sounds of rubble, without as much as a raised brow or a stifled forwn. I hate(d) watching the news myself; a sense of helplessness walks out of the screen and dishes out its blanket for your cold shoulders that shiver in the windswept winter of truth.

I dont think there is a particular exercise laden with grandeur that could be done by one individual to rectify the situation, but may be your pound of flesh when the situation asks for it, is not a bad start.

Ignorance in people is hard to cure. There are other things though which can be attended to, in the mean while.

I said...

"your pound of flesh when the situation asks for it, is not a bad start"