Sunday, October 21, 2007

After ...

reading average and hearing good/great reviews about it..finally managed to watch the movie today.
Happy Days.

It has become..kinda 'toast of the season' here...

Having watched it now... I can see clearly...the reason for disparity in the reviews I talked about.
First things first.. this is a product..that knows who it is targeting. And shouts about it from the roof-top.

A critic who gets the free ticket to watch and sit in judgment of this movie... will not find many adjectives to add...
I think..he will not even manage to differentiate it from the scores of movies that come up bearing the 'college' tag.
But thats exactly the point!!!! I am not gonna talk about the craft of film making here..
Trust me..its completley irrelevant here...

The actual customer doesn't see it as a film.. and if you are not the intended customer... then the joke is on you my friend.. your opinion doesnt matter!! This movie isnt asking for one.
This is one product that cannot stand alone. It leans too heavily on its audience.
This movie does absolutely nothing for you..if you don't have a memory bank to go back to.
Every penny this movie makes finds its root in the connect that a member of the audience has managed to establish with a scene. Its evident from the reaction of the crowds...
The 'oh! thats exactly what happened with us na' 'Hey wasnt that how that fellow reacted then' 'Thats a scene to scene..dialogue to dialogue..copy of our life yaar's are why the movie is a hit.

The movie works solely for one reason... its personal for everybody in the audience.
Shekhar brought it too close to home.. The Hyderabad engineering students!!!!!
No wonder people are going berserk over it.

Hmm.. could it have been better.. ? sure!!! Both cinematically and in the context I am talking about.
But the things is... the ride is good enough! So.. what the hell!!!!

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