Wednesday, June 13, 2007


The Biggie BCCI Busted Big Time

Am I the only one who finds the whole thing amusing and very much like a re-run of the scene where a 8 year Kunal Khemu smears Archana Puran Singh's face with a cake..?
My first reaction was LOL.
First,you dump Whatmore after everybody in India thought he was the next Indian team's coach..
Next,you get Ford and Emburey flown in to make presentations on short notice
You 'decide' Ford is the man for the job..
Ford snubs you..
You actually go and ask Emburey to take it up..after all this..
Some say they even approached Whatmore... again...
if anybody asks you about say he was never even in proper consideration.. (yeah the board officials went to Bangladesh to have brunch with him then?)
Of course they declined..
Players Camp starts in two days
You choose Chandu Borde as the interim what-ever..

Little flashback...Chappel episode and the neighboring Woolmer fiasco.
It honestly doesn't get better than this....
Fletcher refuses,Moody shuts door,Dave..u dump,Ford makes you a laughing stock,Emburey must have dare you?....
Whatmore must be as amused as me.

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