Wednesday, June 06, 2007

back to talkies...

Shall continue what has almost become a norm on this blog...

V for Vendetta
The Fountain
Schindler's List

I can't skip the more-about-it part if there is a Schindler's list in that list,now can I?

Movies have certain 'that says it all' moments.
Going through threads where movie-maniacs discuss 'the' moments of this movie, I find myself
saying yes to most of them and remembering more that should have been listed.

The protagonist, of course did well. And Ben Kingsley was adorable... And I actually understood why Ralph Fiennes has come to play Lord Voldemort. (* he is, btw the ultimate-evil-guy in the Harry Potter series)I mean the guy can make even his body talk,act and emote.. body language don't they call it? Yes. Then there is the award winning musical score,editing,cinematography, direction etc etc..
but frankly who cares ha?... for all that techno,cine-intellect jargon ...
Agreed that they are the catalysts..but that's just what they are...catalysts.

Movies are actually much simpler...

A movie tells a story....
And this movie did, did it well, did it tremendously well actually...
That's it's and any movie's soul.
That's what you take home with you.
Storytelling,which I think is the oldest art form ever, is one-on-one. And like any art form is subjective.

Sure I love a 'Life is Beautiful', but so I do a 'Dil to Pagal Hai'.
'Beautiful Mind' blew my mind away..but so did the speech from 'Independence Day'.
I can enjoy.....'Schindler's list'.... and a 'You've Got Mail'.

I see no contradiction and I think there isn't supposed to be any.
And therein lies the beauty.
Its not business,its personal... he he,couldn't resist.

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