Wednesday, May 10, 2006

another one...

how does one choose? well Iam not talking about some obscure part out cerebral organ that equips us with the power to take decisions.
Mine is a more innocent topic..... whom to vote for?
To put it bluntly.... can anyone tell me, how the hell can anyone CHOOSE between MR.Karunanidhi and MS. Jayalalita???
any sane mind would reject any request for further processing and analysis after hearing the names..... I bow my head to the people of Tamil Nadu....

An indepth study of their thought process is indeed needed, atleast to quench my curiosity....

free mangalasutram for every couple that marries,
free computer for every inter passout,
some 30k cash for every girlchild born,
was it free colour tv or a free cable connection for every tv?
I vaguely remember about some free bicycles or 2 wheelers to high school students
was there something for LPG and stoves too?
all this apart from rice and ration at lower costs and the usual stuff and much more .....

and to top it all , the finance minister also joins the bandwagan and he seems to have no problems with it!! Shouldnt he be on checking on their allies before giving complicated and technical instructions and suggestions to industries on absorbing costs and loads of that stuff. I dont intend to suggest that it is a trivial issue, but this stupidity is staring in everyones face. Even a child who can add could tell that these stupid gimmicks would leave MR.Chidambaram's
pocket considerably lighter. When a layman can understand it , why not him? Ofcourse he can but at the end of the day, he is also a politician and a member of the party and in politics, power matters above all!!!!!
What is the EC doing? As long as it is a part of the manifesto , can such thing be allowed?
I think EC as an independent body should be given greater power!
and power alone will not do I guess, shouldnt they concentrate on thousands of crores being squandered for so called promises before counting the no of vans amma used in her election campaign.
Back to the topic....
I dont remember all the promises made because my brain simply refused to take anymore of it and cut all input lines off....

so coming back to my actual question,
how can one choose? and that too from a list like that!!!! Boy ! I would have found it too difficult to make up my mind.......

Is choosing the lesser evil the only viable option left today?
but I doubt it applies to TN polity. What explains 0-40 in one election and 40-0 in the next one!
But one has to give them credit for the perfect rotation policy they maintain keeping both the govt and the opposition on their tows.

It is indeed as a news channel says .... the great indian tamasha fine tuned to blockbuster perfection!! WOW.

I dont know if my how to choose? will be answered.... but come tommorow and whom they chose? will be answered and the curtain falls on yet another Tamasha!!(god bless the guy who framed the word)

on a final note:
morals , principles etc etc...... I had learnt not to expect them from a politician long ago.
but dont they even a ounce of pride , a false atleast????
God save us as long as people like Vaiko walk this earth and moreover called our leaders!!!!1

but there is one thing no one can deny.... politics in this country is the unparalled source of entertainment and interest.....

Will it ever rise to become something more meaningful than that!!!!!!!!

strong words !!!!!??? well you just cant stay indifferent to Indian politics... they inevitably stirr up strong emotions in one......

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