Thursday, February 23, 2012

long list of shame

Lets keep aside for a moment, the horrifying argument about how homosexuality is immoral and against Indian/eastern culture. How sloppy is this?

Add another one to the govt's long list of shame - instances where our dear government comes across as incapable of performing its basic functions. Remember how, after raising all the fuss about THE list that we were going to hand to Pakistan, they embarrassingly botched it up. And now they have no clue what the solicitor general is gonna argue at the SC on their behalf. Seriously?!

Now to the actual issue on hand. Is it the govt/court's job to lecture me on morality? I am sure the same 'these are western values, our society and culture are different' argument was used against people fighting caste discrimination or gender inequality. Heck, weren't 'untouchability' and 'sati' part of our so called culture? Did being part of our culture make those practices any less inhuman?
In this particular case though, the culture argument doesn't even apply. Homosexuality is not a fashion trend that we'd pick up from the west. If you think it is alien to our culture, may be you should read our scriptures a tad more carefully.

It is not a cultural or social issue. It's a basic freedom and equal rights issue. And most of the civilized world agrees that - fundamental rights are not subjected to a majority vote. They are called 'rights' for a reason.

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