Thursday, July 07, 2011

see you in therapy...

Harry Potter is Over. See you in therapy - reads a placard at the London World Premiere of the final Potter film. That quote triggered in me, a major bout of Harry Potter Nostalgia.

-Discovering the pleasure of reading for the first time.
-Realizing that words can move one to tears, laughter, deep emotion and pure joy.
-Learning what being 'lost' in something meant.
-Finishing off each of the seven books in one-go all-nighters.
-Waiting restlessly, for years together, for the next book in the series to come out.
-Dissing the movies whenever possible for not being faithful enough to the books.
-Wondering how on earth could the movies ignore what I thought were the most entertaining characters - Fred & George.
-Staying militantly devoted to the books, to hell with the million dollar spectacles.
-All-nighters on the Internet to reach out to other potter maniacs.
-The joys of mugglenet and leakycauldron.
-Disbelief at Dumbledore's death. Weeks later, still refusing to believe that it actually happened.
-Defending Snape's innocence despite all evidence to the contrary, just because Dumbledore trusted him. Dumbledore can't go wrong. He simply can't.
-Sweet vindication when Snape's truth is revealed finally.
-Having a hangover that lasted for weeks after each book.
-Defending Rowling when she revealed Dumbledore was gay and loving it.

I am the Harry Potter Generation.
We grew up with the books. They are such an integral part of our lives that we cannot fathom life without it.

Thank you J.K Rowling.



LOL! I felt the same way and I can totally relate to your list. I started reading HP over 10 years ago when it wasn't popular or cool.

I actually abstained from reading the last book for about 2-3 years after it came out... I was so satisfied and so saddened when I finally read it. I think I waited so long because I didn't want it to "end."

A chapter of my life ended with that series. :`)

Leena said...

I think, for me it was over the day I finished the last book. :)
Did you like the movie? I liked it when I saw it.. but, later on, I wasn't sure. Wish they did the Dumbledore backstory. Snape's part was well done though!

Left me wishing for more..