Tuesday, January 26, 2010

much before 'Constitution' became part of my vocab

I used to wonder...
if Aug 15th was when we got our indepedence, what is Jan 26th celebrated for? I knew it was somehow related to our freedom, but couldn't fathom how, given the 3 years gap.
Somebody told me "it was the day we really became independent, really became free".
My ignorance spun a story out of that line - On Aug 15th the british left India, but not all of them did. Some of them stayed back and it was only on Jan 26th that the last brit left our land.
Amusing it is, to look back at the thought today.

Happy Republic Day. The 60th!
If one comes to think of daily life as merely a means to fill up the interval between two journeys,
does that make him an escapist?
Will he fall hard one day, knocking his head off on the cold floor of reality?
Or has he found enlightment already?
Here is more of Rajasthan. Well more of Jaipur and Jodhpur to be precise, since we have covered Jaisalmer in the previous post.

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