Monday, September 14, 2009

howz that for an impact...

The onslaught of television broadcasting not withstanding, I bet there is a generation out there which remembers fondly of the winter mornings and summer nights spent huddled around the transistor listening to cricket commentry - full of awe, hanging on to each word and constructing each detail in the mind's eye.
Similar emotions flow today, albiet the transistor is replaced with a real-time update on the net.
I am watching Ten Sports telecast of the US Open final.. and yet I have the BBC's Live Text open. I have lived and relived many a dear matches courtesy their descriptions. And somehow, a grand slam experience is incomplete without it. So.. 3 cheers for the guys @ Live Text.
-Little People
So we are collecting nominations for - list of people who have made the most difference to the world. All you get is one line to prove that your guy deserves to be on that list.
Amongst the pile of entries which is certain to include rulers/leaders/thinkers/scientists... there is a little note saying 'saved a billion lives'.
Norman E. Borlaug - the father of Green Revolution died today, aged 95.
More about Borlaug in Times of India and Hindu.
One can't help but feel gratitude.

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Sharad Ragas said...

I always (recently) did think that cricinfo is the new radio for cricket. =)