Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Oh re taal mile nadi ke jal se...

What to skip?
-Ropeway. Nothing much on offer. Mussorie ropeway is better.

What not to skip?
-A 1-1/2 hour horse ride on a cobbled path in a dream-like picturesque jungle. Singularly awesome it was.
-Boating in the enticing and well maintained waters of Talli tal and Malli tal. It's the kind of boat ride where you can take a book along and laze around for an hour.
-The flea market at Mall road

-Mr. Amarnath who is into boat rowing in Malli/Talli tal since 40-45 years. A really endearing man he is.
-Cat-eyed chauffeur who sang old hindi songs along with us, while driving us around scenic lakes.

Apparently the best season to visit is October.
Oh re taal mile nadi ke jal mein, nadi mile saagar mein,
Saagar mile kaun se jal mein, koi jaane na..
Movie - Anokhi Raat
Singer - Mukesh
Lyrics - Indeewar
Music - Roshan

I had first listened to this song in an album called 'Restday'.
It had the favorite hindi songs of Indian cricketers, sung by Manjrekar and Kambli. This song was Azhar's fav.
Chandni Chowk - Delhi 6.
-Took lots of interesting pics but its a pity that I am unable to share them. X's mobile ne dokha de diya.
-It's the place to go, to taste the real street food of Delhi.
-The Jalebi here is stuff to die for. Golden red, juicy and so big that it hardly fits in your palm.
-The Falooda was yummy too.
-Paani Puri though, I think Hyderbad has better.


Chaito said...

Cool trip!!

Sharad Ragas said...

Very cool pics.. I ve never been to Nainital, seems great!

On a different note, dont you like to take pictures of people on your trips (those with you).. I realised this a lil too late in my case, but I think for most of my initial trips.. I jus used to take pics of locales.. and now in hindsight, I feel may be I should have taken more social pics.

But then again, to each his own. =)

i said...

" dont you like to take pictures of people on your trips (those with you).. "
I get that a lot. =)
"I feel may be I should have taken more social pics"
Felt the same.
Result -> a marginal increase in the number of social pics. From 0% (earlier) to 2% (now-a-days) :)

Leena said...

Nice pics.. If I ever get a chance to visit, i'll make sure to take the horse ride as well as go on that boat. :)

i said...

you should. you should.