Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Why are you happy despite just being a clerk?

This is an excerpt from a comment on Rashmi’s blog.
“all they have is a job.. bread and butter thing. This fancy word career makes them think that they need to derive meaning from what they do. The whole reason for frustration in working class is this, suddenly out of the blue, they have been asked to look for meaning in what they do . In 80’s we all were typists & clerks, now we are IT engineers, Financial analyst etc. and that’s about it .The world changed & its demand for flavor of services changed and we are just satisfying it, in exchange to our bread & butter and now EMIs . Work was never a play …it was a drag and everybody knew it & said it so, enter 90s and the bluff of career entered. When everything was right perspective people would work, come out of office & play .The boundary was clear, precise uncomplicated. No body questioned why you are happy despite just being a clerk, a steno, a teacher? Comparative happiness is the disease...”
It is generally accepted that it is ok to laugh at our previous self – that peeks at us from the old diary pages.
It’s ok to brush him aside, feeling smug and all grown-up.
What if you find a stranger there?
Some one whose foresight puts you to shame.
What do you tell yourself except – Oh Dear!

When you can’t summon the strength from within,
It helps to look at the commandment on the wall.
Anyone out there who is voting tomorrow and hasn’t made up his/her mind yet and is open to suggestions?
I say this to you my dear – veela gurthu ke vote veddam!


Leena said...

Comparative happiness is the disease.. Hmmm, yes. Sometimes people have a job/career/work, and not just for bread and butter and EMI's, I'd like to think.

veela gurthu ke vote veddam!who? may I ask =p

I am hearing quite a bit about Lok Satta.. i need to get enlightented on that..

adr said...

veela is Lok Satta party's symbol.
The party is generating quite a buzz here. Esp among students and young professionals.

It won't post any major gains in this elections in terms of seats. But in the future, hopefully it will.

It's vote share will increase however, I think.