Saturday, December 29, 2007

could have just asked...

Seeing Jack all occupied,
Jill asked, "what are you thinking about?"
"Trying to figure out, how much is 3+2+1", replied Jack.
"But I know how much 1+2 is", said Jill.
"You could have just asked me"
"Would have saved you half the time and effort", Jill finished.
But is Jack listening?


Kehne ko jashn-e-baharaa hai, ishq yeh dekh ke hairaan hai...
Phool se khusboo khafa khafa hai gulshan mein,
chupa hai koi ranj, fiza ke chilman mein...
(Jodhaa Akbar)

I am hooked... completely and all I have heard is a 30 sec trailer.

Man!! These guys know their job...
Rehman + Akhtar + Iyer

This Naresh chap is some find!

update: er...a mistake of colossal proportions.. that is Javed Ali ..not Naresh Iyer


Sharad Ragas said...

I find this story fascinating.. =)

I said...

Really..?!! =)

Sharad Ragas said...

Quite inexplicably.

Also, I wanted to tell you to visit Europe. With a notepad and a pencil.


Sharad Ragas said...

Especially through France and Spain, (apparently that is what E. Hemingway did), could help you with the poetry.. =p

I said...

"Also, I wanted to tell you to visit Europe. With a notepad and a pencil."

and why would that be, I wonder!!! =)

I said...

hmm.. :)
Alright, I'l say it... Europe is definitely on the back of the mind and top of the list.. =P

IC said...

'is jack listening?' ...??
hmm...interestng 'abstract' story!!

I said...

Abstract fiction... I call it. ;)